Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Two Years of Sugar :-)

We are two days shy of celebrating two AWESOME years in business at the Beanstalk!  We can't thank you enough for not simply being our loyal fans and customers... but if you are here, you are even our loyal blog readers!  We'll be celebrating with blondie bites, balloons, and hopefully... all of you!!  Here's some cakes for your viewing pleasure... we hope to help two times as many people celebrate in the next two years!
 floral and festive
 simple and oh so sweet
 mmmm....chocolate cake...
 this birthday cake would make me smile :-)
 it's super girl!
 chocolate covered gator!
Academy Awards party
 mermaids love our cake
 so do ninjas
a cooking party.. right up our alley!  

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  1. nicee cakee designss...............