Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's been a snowy and EXCITING winter!

  It's been quite a long time, but we are checking in from a beautifully peaceful, snowy day here in Philly.  It's been quite the snowy winter.. making up for the last few we suppose!  Time has been flying by, and perhaps that's because we've been distracted by a bit of exciting news of our own.  Not only have we been keeping up with our "first baby", Cake and the Beanstalk, we've been cooking up something on the side!  We are so excited to be expecting our first real baby, our own "little pastry chef" at the end of April and can't wait to introduce them to the fantastic community of special friends we have at the bakery.  


Sunday, June 30, 2013

We've got ICE CREAM!!!

 It's been awhile, but not only are we back, we're back with some awesome news... Cake and the Beanstalk is now serving ICE CREAM!  We are serving 4 flavors of Franklin Fountain's finest and using the ice cream to make all sorts of amazing, incredible, concoctions.

here's our ice cream case in all her glory... she's a beauty!

I smell THE BLOOD OF AN ENGLISHMAN... one of our awesome sundaes!

BLONDIE 'wich 

 BROWNIE 'wich

WICKED 'wich

We hope that you are as excited about this as we are, because we are SUPER excited!
Here's our full ice cream menu:

In a cup or sugar cone, we offer you a choice of sensational flavors . . .
    Once Upon a Scoop 2.75     Two Scoops Are Better Than One    4.75
                         Happily Ever After (3 scoops) 6.50
     rainbow sprinkles chocolate sprinkles, fresh whipped cream,
                 chocolate syrup, caramel syrup   .50 each

            A scoop of ice cream topped with a shot of espresso            5.00
the WICKED ‘wich    
            ice cream between 2 classic chocolate chip cookies              4.63
BROWNIE ‘wich      
            ice cream pressed between Beanstalk brownie halves           4.63
            Ice cream pressed between Beanstalk blondie halves               4.63

         FEE FI FO YUM
               Design your own custom dessert-based sundae!                              
                        FEE   Choose a dessert (list price)
               FI      Make it a la mode    2.75
              FO   Choose your toppings    3 for $1   YUM!

The GOLDEN HARP                                                      5.75
flourless chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream, drowned in caramel sauce

The COW JACK SOLD TO THE BUTCHER                  7.50
cookie crust cheesecake, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream & a cherry

The BLOOD OF AN ENGLISHMAN                              5.75
strawberry pound cake, strawberry ice cream, whipped cream & cherries

The GIANT’S FEAST                                                    10.50
brownie or blondie base, one scoop of each flavor, and ALL the toppings! 


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Two Years of Sugar :-)

We are two days shy of celebrating two AWESOME years in business at the Beanstalk!  We can't thank you enough for not simply being our loyal fans and customers... but if you are here, you are even our loyal blog readers!  We'll be celebrating with blondie bites, balloons, and hopefully... all of you!!  Here's some cakes for your viewing pleasure... we hope to help two times as many people celebrate in the next two years!
 floral and festive
 simple and oh so sweet
 mmmm....chocolate cake...
 this birthday cake would make me smile :-)
 it's super girl!
 chocolate covered gator!
Academy Awards party
 mermaids love our cake
 so do ninjas
a cooking party.. right up our alley!  

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Last Cakes of 2012

It's been a wonderful... and super busy... year at the Beanstalk.  We can't let this great year come to a close without sharing a few more of our favorite cakes... Here's to even more icing in 2013!

Homer loves donuts... but he also loves chocolate chip pound cake with chocolate glaze.

 Monsters love vanilla cake with vanilla icing.

 Based on the classic story, The Pokey Little Puppy.

Starting off the school year with a blondie cake (with m&ms)!!   

A classy 1st birthday monogram cake.

A half sheet cake for a baby shower.

And another one... pregnant women love cake! 

Luke... I AM YOUR CAKE. 

X marks the chocolate cake :) 

Birthday wishes from the Disney gang. 

Vintage mantel clock cake. 

Beautiful birthday wishes.  

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Look What We Got...

We've got all kinds of greatness at Cake and the Beanstalk...
  • Blondies with oreos and reese's pieces mixed in
  • Soup and house made bagel chips
  • Friendly baristas
  • Red velvet cake
  • Delicious smells
  • Our own pumpkin spice syrup for chais and lattes
  • Caffeine of course
and now....

we got a website!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Cakes

It's been a little while since we've blogged, but we've been up to our elbows in batter and icing at Cake and the Beanstalk.  We have lots of AWESOME cakes to share, so without further adieu...
 little monsters = love
 Luke. Leia. Chocolate. Vanilla. Yum.
 Biggest cake yet!  This was the size of three full sheet cakes!
 Chocolate glaze and all the colors of the rainbow.
 Birthday wishes from the phanatic.
 Doggies have birthdays too.
 These are called Moshi Monsters.  Ask an Internet savvy kid to explain it to you.
 Dora is always a hit.
 Phillies cakes are extra fun for a Phillies loving baker.
 See ya graduate school.
 Big birthday hugs from Garfield!
 Gender reveal!  The cake inside is colored pink or blue :)
 Ladybug love.
 Golf. Bowling.  CAKE.
 Lego Ninjago cupcakes.
 Designed by a little boy for his mom's birthday :)
 for the website "reddit" (the front page of the Internet)
 Happy 5th birthday to a wonderful organization!
 Looks like sheet music.  Tastes like red velvet. 
 "Baby you're like fireworkssss..."  (couldn't resist!)
 The Muppets rock!
Sweet and fun... just like the recipient!

'Til next time!  Lots of love from the Beanstalk.