Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Last Cakes of 2012

It's been a wonderful... and super busy... year at the Beanstalk.  We can't let this great year come to a close without sharing a few more of our favorite cakes... Here's to even more icing in 2013!

Homer loves donuts... but he also loves chocolate chip pound cake with chocolate glaze.

 Monsters love vanilla cake with vanilla icing.

 Based on the classic story, The Pokey Little Puppy.

Starting off the school year with a blondie cake (with m&ms)!!   

A classy 1st birthday monogram cake.

A half sheet cake for a baby shower.

And another one... pregnant women love cake! 

Luke... I AM YOUR CAKE. 

X marks the chocolate cake :) 

Birthday wishes from the Disney gang. 

Vintage mantel clock cake. 

Beautiful birthday wishes.  

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