Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Buy Fresh, Buy LOCAL

  We recently had a chance to spend a day exploring small food businesses out in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  In an effort to provide Dan with a "surprise day", I (Jenn) booked a day trip with Bucks County Food Tours, an awesome company that provides tours of various food establishments all over Bucks County.  You can choose a "theme" for your tour from a list of suggested itineraries.   We set out with our guide for a tour focused on ice cream and desserts... what could be better than that?  We made four stops all over Bucks County and the overwhelming theme and vibe of our experience was simple:  we met people who were truly passionate about what they do.  About providing high quality.  About freshness.  About customer service.  About quality of life.  About using local products to then provide delicious food to the local people.  To spend a day not only enjoying delicious food, but also meeting like-minded people was fantastic.  Being such a new business, we were able to garner ideas about steps to take in the future, as well as to be inspired by other people who are following their dreams every day and with every customer that they serve.  Cake and the Beanstalk is fulfilling our dream every day of serving up homemade desserts in a comfortable atmosphere, and ultimately, making people happy. 
    Here are the awesome people we had a chance to meet:

  • Birchwood Farms  http://www.birchwoodfarmdairy.com/

  family owned and operated farm that specializes in raw milk and makes its own ice cream... we checked out all the cows in the pasture in the pouring rain... good times!

  • Crossroads Bake Shop http://www.crossroadsbakeshop.com/

  landmark bakery in Doylestown with a huge selection of fresh baked breads and pastries

  • Down to Earth Cafe  http://www.thedowntoearthcafe.com/

  a great lunch spot that uses lots of locally sourced ingredients (he even has his own garden within view of the cafe)

  • OwowCow Creamery  http://www.facebook.com/pages/OwowCow-Creamery/100461438753

  artisan ice cream with a HUGE variety of flavors... it was so cool to go behind the scenes and see how ice cream is made... we had chocolate covered pretzel, blackberry, and I HATE CHOCOLATE! (named such because chocolate used to be a difficult flavor to produce) 

  • Bucks County Food Tours http://buckscountyfoodtours.com/

  you should go!  :)