Sunday, December 4, 2011

Checking in with More Great Cakes...

It's been a busy, busy time at the Beanstalk.  We've been churning out all of our day-to-day bakery case desserts, along with a whole crop of fantastic special occasion cakes.  We've enjoyed a host of fall flavors (pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, cranberry crumb cake) as well as homemade syrups to enhance all of our beverages.  We have hot apple cider with caramel and cinnamon, and we make our own pumpkin spice syrup and holiday spice syrup.  Now that winter is upon us, we are working on some homemade peppermint syrup.. hello mint mocha lattes!!    We also have eggnog lattes, gingerbread cake, and lemon pound cake with lemon cream cheese icing... the chillier months are delicious!
Check out our cakes:

 Girly and delicious.  1/2 sheet  chocolate chip pound cake with chocolate glaze.  

 This is our 10" round chocolate chip pound cake with chocolate glaze.

 A soft and delicious vanilla iced smash cake for a robot-themed first birthday.

Lots of awesome cupcakes for the robot birthday party!

More chocolate glazed birthday goodness. 

 This is our chocolate glazed chocolate chip pound cake loaf.  Perfect for smaller gatherings!

10" round red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.  YUMMM. 

Another chocolate chip pound loaf, served up as a surprise right in our shop! 

 Elmo is made of chocolate chip pound cake and LOTS of icing!

Carrot cake, cream cheese icing, and a very special birthday.