Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fee Fi Fo Yummmmmm

Now that one full week has gone by, we can say with much pride (and a touch of exhaustion), that we are loving this new adventure… and if you've stopped in our shop, we hope you loved your experience with us!  
   We are serving fresh baked desserts, all of which are prepared by Dan right behind the counter.  Thus far, he has churned out:  banana chocolate walnut cake, cheesecake, chocolate chip pound cake, strawberry pound cake, plain pound cake, several kinds of blondies, brownies, chocolate tree nut cookies, chocolate peanut butter cookies, coffee cake, blueberry crumb cake, gingerbread cake, and Jewish apple cake.          **Suggestions are always welcome!**    Please let us know your favorite homemade desserts and we will see what we can do.  Remember, all of our desserts pair nicely with the awesomeness that is Chestnut Hill Coffee and Espresso.  'Til tomorrow :)  

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